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The HTC Snap is one of the newer phones from HTC. There is a good music player, decent camera and excellent applications and internet connectivity, as you would imagine.

It does carry a little weight, at 120 grams, and measures 116.5 mm (height) x 61.5 mm (width) x 12 mm (thickness). The screen is a good size at 2.4 inches and makes it easy to move around the interface, view pictures and web pages. Beneath the screen is a navigational ball, as well as some shortcut keys. Then you have the full qwerty keyboard, which, although compact, is very easy to use.

There is a built-in music player, and it is controlled by the Windows Media Player. All music formats are supported, however there is no FM Radio. Internal memory is 192 MB, which is large enough to hold plenty of songs, but this can be increased further using a MicroSD card.

The camera on the HTC Snap has 2 mega pixels with fixed focus. This is quite disappointing, as HTC could have included a few more advanced camera features to make the camera perform better and to improve the picture quality.

The applications is ehrre the HTC Snap shines. Apart from the basics such as calendar, personal organiser and calculator, it has a document viewer (PDF, Powerpoint, excel and word) and GPS Navigation. The email functions are the most important for the HTC (as it is competing with the blackberry range of phones), and the messaging capabilities are excellent. The Snap also has a new feature called Inner Circle, which allows you to focus and better manage your key contacts in your email.

Internet connectivity is brilliant with Edge, GPRS, Wlan Wifi and 3G, so you will simply always be connected.

In summary, the HTC Snap is a decent compact looking business phone, with an ok camera and music player. However on the application and internet side of things, it is truly brilliant.

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HTC Snap Review

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This article was published on 2010/03/30