HTC Sensation – The HTC Sense Experience

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The new HTC Sensation is a great entertainment phone.  With its eye-catching qHD display coupled with crystal clear audio, blockbuster movies will be a delight to watch on demand.  The phone also features what the manufacturer calls the “HTC Sense” experience that makes this phone convenient and fun to use.  The fine design is specifically contoured to make the glass edging feel snug and comfortable in your hand.

The HTC Sensation, to put it simply, is a superphone built for excellent multimedia performance.  It features an instant capture camera that never lets great moments slip away. Pictures are instantly taken the moment you click the button.  Likewise, surfing the net is easy with its multi-window browsing capability and its quick lookup tool that allows for quick transitions between sites; and it offers you an immersive experience that you can almost feel the heat of the sun while checking the weather using your superphone.  Video playbacks are extremely fast with the latest Flash support.  The lock screen is also a window that allows you to easily check on your portfolio.

HTC Sense

This is quite an experience built around small but pleasantly surprising ideas.  Each one is well thought of and really contributes to an overall fun and convenient phone experience.

It is irritating when the phone rings at full blast during meetings.  With the HTC Sensation, the volume automatically goes down the moment the phone is lifted.  Just flip the phone over to completely shut the ringer off.

The HTC Sensation also provides instant information about a caller.  Aside from the usual caller name saved on your phone book, updates on the social status of the caller are displayed once the phone rings.

The HTC sense allows you to get all information about a particular contact in one screen.  Everything about a friend is displayed immediately once selected – contact details, emails, photos, and even text messages.  With the Friend Stream feature of your HTC Sensation, you can see all of your friends’ latest tweets, Flicker photos, and Facebook updates in one screen.  It also allows you to update all your accounts with various social networking sites simultaneously in one solitary step.

The HTC Sensation makes sure that whatever text size suits your fancy, you will have it on your screen perfectly, each and every time.  You do not have to scroll left and right, and up and down just to be able to not miss anything.

Browsing the web is never easier with the HTC Sensation feature that allows you to open links in the background while you continue to enjoy the current page you are on.  You can then switch to the other pages with relative ease.

Gone are the days when an incoming call disables your phone navigation and makes the map disappear because the call takes precedence.  With the HTC Sensation, the map stays on even with an incoming call.  The map can still be viewed even as the call bar slowly slides into the screen assuring you that you will never again miss that all-important turn.

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HTC Sensation – The HTC Sense Experience

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HTC Sensation – The HTC Sense Experience

This article was published on 2011/06/23