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Although HTC has released some impressive phones in the past in terms of design and features, not one of them has really stood out in the midst of fierce competition, not until the release of the new HTC Sensation, that is.  With a 1.2 GHz dual core processor supported by its own feature-packed user interface that recently got a facelift, HTC may yet find itself a runaway winner this time, finally.

The front side is very much like the typical dual core Android phone models like the LG Optimus 2X and the Motorola Atrix. However, the back side is distinctively HTC but with a slight twist as the HTC Sensation features an eye-catching three-tone aluminum back cover.  Although this makes it comparatively heavier than the plastic backed Samsung Galaxy S2, the metal back also makes for a more solid and sturdier build.

For connectivity, the HTC Sensation uses a micro USB that is also used for charging, a 3.5 mm jack connector, Bluetooth 3.0, and DLNA for wireless streaming.  The smartphone can also be used for tethering.  However, there is no dedicated HDML to link the smartphone to HD TV. Instead a proprietary MHL cable that is sold separately is required.  Internal storage capacity is 1 GB with a bundled 8 GB memory card. 

The phone starts up quickly, just within seconds from pressing the power button.  Out of the box, the HTC Sensation runs on Android OS without need for upgrade.  In addition, the new-look HTC Sense 3.0 does not disappoint because it gives justice to the excitement it generated prior to its official debut. 

The home screens are now in 3D with more new animations, and look a lot sassier.  Likewise, the lock screen is now active where you can run applications just by dragging the icons to the lock screen icon.  Another interesting new feature of the HTC Sensation is the immersive experience that it provides.  The weather application, for one, can almost make you feel the raindrops coming right at you, or the heat of the sun on your skin.

Although the vastly improved HTC Sense is quite impressive, there are a few areas that can still be improved on.  For one, new folders are still difficult to create just like in previous versions, and one must be created first before contents can be saved or dragged into them; the Sony Ericsson Neo provides a better solution to this.

The 4.3” screen is already something to crow about.  However, the HTC Sensation takes it a step further by offering a 540 x 960 resolution that is better than most what smartphones can provide.  Viewing full-length movies wherever you want, whenever you want, is very convenient with this new phone.

The HTC Sensation is powered by a 1.2 GHz dual core processor which contributes greatly to its steady and fast overall performance.  Scrolling and zooming in and out of web pages are incredibly fast; and video recording playback and streaming of movies are quick and stutter free; downloading is also fast and easy.

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HTC Sensation Review

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This article was published on 2011/06/29